Shabby Chic Collection: Items for Everyday Use

The style of shebby-chic is very diverse: tastefully decorated items are designed not only for the show, but also for everyday wear. Rachel Ashwell’s style has a vintage look that can be found at the flea market.

This style is designed with the everyday use of items in mind. Bedding, furniture, lighting and bathroom items are part of this collection.

Bedding and fabrics

Fluffy blankets, sheets, pillowcases, pillow capes and bed skirts are part of this collection. You can make your products with monograms and to order. Each item is available in different styles, for example pillows are available in Damascus and Venetian styles.

This style also offers fabrics to create your own things in their style if you like. The proposed fabrics are cotton, flax and denim.


Here you will find towels, bath accessories and clothes to sleep in different styles. There are also soft-tissue robes and nightgowns.


You’ll find shebby-chic furniture for the bedroom, living room and dining room. The furniture is designed in soft pink and white tones, characteristic of the collection of shebby-chic. There are sofas, tables and chairs, beds and loungers.

Tastefully made puffins, Gracie chairs with upholduction and wicker coffee tables – among the dining items in this collection.


The chandeliers and candles, lamps and shebby-chic plafonds blend perfectly with any decor style thanks to its white-pink finish. Lace and jute – materials of lampshades round, square and shell forms. The chandeliers are available in small models: Penelope, plumeux, pirouette, simple and crown.


Shabby chic complements the style of jewelry with accessories such as mats, mirrors, plaids, accents and works of art. There are many designs for each item depending on its location in the house, such as loose mirrors, Kendall models and tall models. The predominant colors for most styles of design – soft pink, pastel, scarlet and white.

The exhibition features tapestries and works of art by artists such as Jorun Moulin and Lawrence Amelie. Rachel Ashwell has written books on how to set the style of decoration, which are also offered so you can apply and perfect it.

Vintage items

These are mostly decor items with a vintage look. Prom dresses, exquisite porcelain utensils, lamps and furniture, hand-picked by Rachel Ashwell, are regularly included in the collection of “shebby-chic”.

The interior of the shebby-chic is a style that pleases the eye, but also everyday. What does it take to make your home home in shabby chic style?

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