Do’s & Don’ts Egypt

Egypt, one of the most popular countries to visit on the continent, is located in the northeastern corner of Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. It is home to incredible tourist attractions such as the Valley of the Kings, the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza and is known worldwide for its ancient monuments Horse riding in Hurghada and ancient archaeological sites. Located in Memphis and once the capital of Egypt, this ancient necropolis is the burial ground for Egyptian courtiers, royalty members and others from long ago in 3000 BC. C. The graves, known as mastabas, are wide, flat rectangular structures made of mud and brick, with burial chambers below.

At the heart of Egypt’s cultural identity is Cairo, a cosmopolitan capital where historic churches, mosques and museums come together with luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants. Discover all this and more with our handy guide to Egypt’s top attractions. Of all the incredible attractions in Egypt, the Giza Pyramids are without doubt the most famous and iconic.

Equally impressive is the Great Sphinx carved from a single stone block with a human head and the body of a lion while protecting the pyramid. However, Egypt is more than just its ancient history and archeology, and along the coast of the Red Sea you will find a large selection of resorts and hotels great for a sunny getaway. This makes Aswan a wonderful melting point of both contemporary culture and ancient history, and you will discover that it is an intriguing place to explore. The Aswan High Dam project led to the creation of Lake Nasser on the Sudanese border.

If you want to stop seeing mummies or visiting graves and temples, visit one of the tourist towns of Egypt. The beach is a great place to relax and think about what you have learned about the country. Egypt is a beautiful place with rich pale historical, archaeological and ontological sites to feel and experience.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to take out travel insurance and check whether it offers sufficient coverage. If you plan to visit another country to return to the UK, please refer to travel tips for the country where you are en route. If you are going through a redlisted country, book your hotel’s quarantine package before traveling to the UK You know that a country is safe if you can walk through the streets without regard to immersing yourself in the area and enjoying the hospitality of the locals. Egypt is and remains one of the safest tourist destinations in the world.

You can also enjoy your vacation and make the most of it by visiting the aquarium cave garden and drinking coffee at El-Fishawy Cafe. The Temple of Kom Ombo is unique in that it is a double temple dedicated to both the falcon head god Horus and the crocodile god Sobek. The construction of the temple is symmetrical, with two entrances and two main reserves. Various activities await in the tourist towns of Hurghada and Marsa Alam. Here you can snorkel, jump to the island, dive and even swim with the dolphins. At Marsa Alam you can also see turtles and go kite surfing.

One of the essential parts of a real and authentic experience is the historic Al-Muzstraat. If you are looking for an unforgettable but valuable holiday in Egypt, you will need to take an exceptional cruise on the Nile. Choose and choose one of our Nile Cruises and cross the pristine and pristine waters of the Nile.

Het Philae-tempelcomplex werd gebouwd door Nectanebo I en tot de 3e eeuw na Christus toegevoegd door de Ptolemeïsche en Romeinse heersers. Als zodanig geeft het een architectonisch verslag van de overgang van Egypte van heidendom naar christendom. In de moderne tijd werd het steen voor steen verplaatst van de oorspronkelijke locatie op het eiland Philae naar het nabijgelegen eiland Agilkia nadat de eerste was overstroomd tijdens de bouw van de Aswan-dam.

Therefore, driving to the sunset in Giza reaches every list of things you can do in Egypt. The pyramids are located on the Giza plateau, on the edge where the Sahara dunes begin to appear. Rent a camel or horse for one, two and four hour rides in the sand that envelops the pyramids from one side.