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“This technique helps the base last much longer and prevents fat from being seen,” she says. Sweat resistant and waterproof products are also essential to ensure that the oils or sweat of the day do not permanent lip tattoo melt your makeup. Multitasking is also useful for easy afternoon adjustments. Get used to waking up and putting that sunscreen on your face. It is very important to protect your skin from the sun.

Your base melts from your face, the wrinkled eyeshadow and your lips are so dry that they peel. Summer time can be cruel to our makeup, but luckily we have some tricks in store. Here, the top 12 summer makeup tips to try, plus sweat-tight products to buy, to finally get over the fire.

There is never a wrong time to play with color, but something with the hot summer time makes experimenting with bright shades more fun. For Carrillo, orange is the color of summer and he recommends focusing the tone on the lips and cheeks rather than the eyes to avoid possible wrinkles or running. For lips, Dose of Colors x Nyma Tang Coral Lip Set gets its hallmark with its two rusty orange lipsticks designed for multiple skin tones, a bright golden lip gloss and a coral lip lining.

This summer makeup tips are simple and easy enough to follow as it comes to the skin this year, never skip the first three tips to keep your skin not only shiny but also healthy. You want to get shiny but not oily skin this summer? Nowadays, however, I prefer a mineral formula like the REN clean screen because it is zinc based, mat dries and has no noticeable mold on my skin. That said, Kosas founder Sheena Yaitanes told me that a little plaster is really useful for my color cosmetics, especially cream blushs.

“The mineral sunscreen has its dual function as sun protection and primer, but due to the light mold to the left of zinc, the blush color will explode a little more,” he explains. By replacing the foundation with a light, soft powder, you get that perfect summer look. This should be your base for light and clean colors for the summer. Using too thick a base can cause makeup problems once it is in heat and moisture. The next tutorial on makeup in the summer is the proofreader app.

Less redness equals the use of less foundation or heat corrector. The texture is sooo creamy and light, but it gives the skin a really warm “beach-back” shine. I like to apply it with a wet beauty blender or even with my fingers.

Most days, a small dyed sunscreen and a small mask is all you need for your summer makeup. I am convinced that my skin looks better in the summer, so I need less and less coverage from my base. I like a moisturizing dye that only gives my skin something else, and if necessary I enter with a concealer with a high coverage when I have a stain. Nowadays I am obsessed with Les Beiges Eau de Teint from CHANEL, which moisturizes the skin and gives a pure veil, better his skin.

This moisturizing cream dyed with moisturizing taste, offers SPF 30 protection and full coverage. Infused with oils and nut extracts, it blocks light cream moisture, improves antioxidant protection and leaves a natural, wet finish. If you don’t like the matte effect, go for something more moisturizing, such as a painted balm, lip oil or shine, to cover your lips with a beautiful shine. You don’t have to worry about keeping those formulas as beautiful and neat as they are used all day. Mehta’s favorite is the Dior Lip Glow Balm because of how it “fits the pH of her lip, so it suits every skin color.”.”