Selection Of A Belt Heater To Avoid Power And Loss

We handle up to 50 urgent requests from our customers each month and have a history of meeting customer appointments over 97% of the time. Are you looking for a reliable partner in the industry to deliver the belt heaters you need at prices you love and with a quick response? Belt heaters made of micanite or ceramic coated with sheet metal are used for contact heating in injection/extruder machines and for heating containers, tanks, etc. Backer Marathon Starflex belt heaters are the most robust and reliable belt heaters on the market. They are the original tape of the aluminum housing and remain the industry standard. This belt heater enjoys wide acceptance due to its extremely long and reliable service life properties.

Due to the low thermal conductivity of the ceramic fiber insulation, the outer surface temperature of the ceramic tape heater is about 400°F, while the internal surface temperature is 1200°F. Ceramic belt heaters transfer heat through both conduction and radiation. Because of this effect, the adjustment is not as critical as with other types of bands.

The “Ultra-Thin” without thermal insulation and with perforated jacket is ideal for air-cooled systems. The “Ultra-Thin” has reached a jacket temperature 100 degrees F lower when tested against other high-temperature heaters at cylinder temperatures of 600 degrees F. The thermal insulation of the back is highly efficient and results in minimal heat loss and lower jacket temperature. Mica Band Heater Manufacturer Ribbed cast belt heaters can be designed to meet the mechanical and physical limitations of existing extruder cover systems. They are manufactured to customer specifications for OEMs and maintenance applications. Cast belt heaters with aluminium fins are used as an alternative to liquid-cooled casting belt heaters for heating and cooling plastic extruder runs.

Heat the plastic in the three screw areas feed, transition and measurement. The heating of the feeding zone is located directly behind the nozzle and consists of the first third of the total length of the boiler. The right temperature is 5 to 10 ° C lower than the temperature of the nozzle.

Cartridge heaters are usually designed to be inserted into a vat or side wall of a container. Unlike cartridge heaters, they generally use a flange, shop, and couplings to connect and seal the thermocouple to the container. They are often used to heat gases or liquids instead of cylindrical components.

Since mica bands are conductive heaters, intimate contact with the surface to be heated is important to ensure a long service life. The operating temperatures of the jacket should not exceed 850°F. (Note that this rating applies to the heating cover, not the process). The maximum wattage varies by manufacturer, but the average is 35 W/in2. In smaller mica bands, the wattage density can usually be slightly higher.

They are most commonly used in plastic injection molding, commercial kitchen tools and extrusion. Negative heat transfer would be the case if the temperature value of an extruder zone is higher than the setpoint. In this case, the friction inside the barrel is so high that it actually needs to overheat and cool the barrel to maintain the selected temperature. This usually happens at the end of the run in the so-called screw measuring zone.

If the application requires higher temperatures or wattage, a different style band should be selected. Before you start buying belt heaters, you need to pay attention to some information. Industrial belt heaters are often used to heat cylinders such as drums, pipes or nozzles of injection molding and extrusion machines. They are most commonly used in the plastics industry, but other applications apply.