Limited And Prohibited Items

When sending medicines or medicines, postmen and shippers must know the characteristics of the items they send and treat them correctly. Medicines are controlled substances and are subject to strict regulations. Prescription drugs can only be emailed by registered distributors of the Drug Control Administration.

DPO mail moves completely within the USPS system, while mail is only sent by senders and then forwarded via SA-32, where it is then placed and / or removed from UNCLAS pocket bags. If the publication is to be closed for a long period of time, DPO may work with USPS to direct all email for the forwarding of the USPS gateway to SA-32. C. An employee (or someone acting on behalf of the employee) cannot use the military postal service or diplomatic post office to send an HHE or UAB to a foreign post or to a national address; see 14 FAH-5. All material or articles shipped must not have an unpleasant or strong odor. Strong scents indicate that items are not suitable for shipping. Fragrance means that the packaging may contain hazardous, flammable or generally toxic materials.

Some common items that you may not think about include flammable aerosol products, lithium batteries, safety matches, perfumes and cosmetic products such as nail polish and nail polish remover. While some of these materials can travel by mail, there are strict quantitative limits, packaging and marking requirements. Some items are also not allowed in airmail, but can only be shipped with ground delivery.

For example under the American National Stolen Property Law. In the US, one cannot have the legal title of stolen art / artifacts / antiques, however often such items have changed ownership. Cultural property articles stolen from museums or religious or secular public monuments from one of the countries party to the 1970 UNESCO Convention cannot be specifically imported into the United States. In emergency situations, personnel at positions using a diplomatic post office address must submit a request for a change of address to USPS and advise correspondents to immediately use the new address.

Similar requirements apply to some over-the-counter medicines. The following items are prohibited for shipping, storage or handling via USA2me. A publication limits a number of articles in its national and international postal services. These items can only be shipped through the registered postal service, even if they are not always insured. If you send prohibited items through publication, we will return them to the sender, remove them or contact the relevant authorities.

Some items limited for shipping require special packaging, while others can only be transported by land or land. USA Every day they trust that the postal service ships numerous types of items for personal and commercial purposes. What people may not know, however, is that certain items and substances should never end up in the postal system. These materials are not only considered dangerous, but are also illegal to email.

Download and fill in the necessary forms from gửi hàng đi anh there before going to the post office.

When your e-commerce inventory complies nationally and internationally with federal rules and laws for sending items, you can run your business without much hindrance. This is a list of items that you can send under certain circumstances. Each item category has specific packaging guidelines, regulations, and requirements that you must meet to ship.