Advantages of LED Solar Street Light Projects

LED Street lighting is a fresh new alternative to traditional street lamps such as LPS, HPS, or MH street lights. LED lighting provides a multitude of advantages over conventional incandescent light: LED street lights are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective. This smart, “green” option for outdoor lighting has emerged on the green scene due […]


What Drives the African World War?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo borders has been described as the heart of Africa. Geographically it is surrounded by nine other African nations. DR Congo should be a wealthy nation. It is the sixth most mineral rich country in the world. Its landscape possesses fifty percent of African forests and a river system that […]


CNC Machining

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Controlled and is used to automate the machines tools for the production of components or products. The CNC machining involves end to end design of the component with CAD CAM systems. The CAD/CAM systems create commands which can automatically operate the CNC machines. Following is the process of CNC Machining: […]